GhostWipe is an all natural, vegan, GMO-free fiber supplement that has been demonstrated to reduce wiping and toilet paper usage by an average of 50-75% and save the environment!

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Clean Ingredients You Can Trust

Organic Psyllium Husk – Serves as a prebiotic which facilitates the enhancement of healthy bacteria in the stomach and improves digestion and better absorption of food

Organic Chia Seed – One of the most nutritious foods on the planet, loaded with antioxidants, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber

Organic Flax Seed – Has multiple healthy components including Omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, and fiber

Organic Aloe Vera – A healthy succulent that serves as a digestive aid by reducing inflammation in the stomach

  1. I consider myself an experienced, lifelong pooper. I've come to know bathrooms as peaceful places and pooping as one of the deepest forms of meditation. A time for mindfulness and ruminations on the great mysteries of the cosmos. As my body has withered and worsened with age, my bathroom meditations have become consistently less zen. My once great temple is a prison, complete with forced labor and extended wiping that leaves me raw, spicy and full of regret. An experience one wise fellow related to "wiping a marker." GhostWipe has since helped me reclaim the zen of the bathroom and has kept my sessions calm, regular and productive. It definitely works. My butt is clean. My mind and spirit are elevated. The planet is healing through less paper waste.


  2. Dude this product changed my life. I used to be terrified to shit in public restrooms, now I walk in there like I OWN the place. The men in the stalls next to me are absolutely shaking when they hear me assert my dominance, dropping a fat log then walking out half a second later. Wash my hands?? No thank you. I could not recommend Ghostwipe more. 😈


  3. This is as good as advertised. Much less wiping and less time spent in the bathroom. Only took 2 days to start to see the results. Impressive.

    Lewis Wright

  4. So far, so good! Been taking the product for around 3 weeks now and it has significantly reduced my wiping. No bloating or gas and it works as advertised.

    Jim McDonald

  5. This stuff really works for the past four weeks this has worked for me, only one wipe.

    Matt Bonzo

  6. I started using GhostWipe because I wanted to reduce my environmental footprint and had just done some research on the amount of trees and water that are consumed by the manufacturing of toilet paper. I can honestly say my toilet paper usage has been cut in half, maybe more. Great product and more fiber is always good for your health!

    Michelle, Florida

  7. GhostWipe works! It has saved me a lot of time in the bathroom and I no longer have to worry about getting all the way clean. The environmental impact makes me feel good too!

    Eric, Michigan

  8. This is a lifesaver it saves so many trees and water.

    Ghostwipe lover

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