Are there any side effects to GhostWipe?

GhostWipe is an all-natural fiber supplement and there are no known side effects. If you take more than the recommended dose or don’t drink enough water you could experience bloating, gas, or diarrhea. You should consult your doctor if you do experience any other symptoms.

Absolutely, yes. GhostWipe just puts more natural fiber in your diet (that’s all you needed all this time).

No, we recommend taking GhostWipe twice a day in the morning and at night but it can be taken at your discretion as long as you get the recommended dosage. It’s easy!

Yes, this is just additional natural fiber in your diet. Although, bulk forming fibers like psyllium husk may affect how well some medicines work. It is recommended you take GhostWipe at least 2 hours before or after other medicines.

Give it 2 - 3 days and you should start to see an improvement in your bowel movements.

Yes, GhostWipe is shipped with generic packaging directly to your residence.

Yes, GhostWipe was formulated to support healthier bowel movements for all men and women over the age of 18.