The first ever all-natural, vegan, GMO-free, fiber-based dietary supplement specifically formulated to reduce excessive wiping and improve bathroom experience while saving the environment.

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100% all-natural vegan, GMO-free ingredients to improve your bathroom experience and save the world one wipe at a time!


/ gOHstwIEp /

(1) (verb) The elusive act of wiping after a bowel movement and finding no trace on the toilet paper, resulting in a satisfying, refreshing and uplifting bathroom experience;

(2) (noun) A dietary supplement that helps make the dream of a ghostwipe into a reality


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– Socrapes, date unknown


Everybody poops. Everybody wipes. Now is the time to stop wiping so much.

For the average person, each bowel movement can take 8 wipes. 8 wipes. Tragically, for some, 8 times is not enough.

Have you ever found yourself wiping endlessly and never getting clean?

The end of your frustration is here.




Did you know that Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper per year, representing the destruction of approximately 15 million trees?

Did you know that the production of toilet paper requires approximately 474 billion gallons of water and 253 thousand tons of chlorine per year? Yes, 474 billion gallons of water!

GhostWipe has been demonstrated to reduce wiping and toilet paper usage by an average of 50-75%!

If every American used GhostWipe, we could potentially save 11 million trees and 350 billion gallons of water per year!

Our mission is to promote social responsibility and protect the world’s natural resources while improving your overall bathroom experience.




It’s easy to wipe too hard or too much in search of that clean and fresh feeling.

Over wiping can lead to a number of health problems, including hemorrhoids, itching and discomfort, and anal fissures.

Also, many people can’t wipe properly due to mobility or other physical restrictions, leaving them feeling unclean and dissatisfied with their bathroom experience.

That feeling of discomfort can ruin your whole day.

GhostWipe is the solution!




GhostWipe can help reduce the amount spent on toilet paper. It can also keep you feeling safe and secure for when the next apocalyptic toilet paper shortage occurs.

In our constant quest for cleanliness, we have been driven to supplement ineffective toilet paper usage with disposable wipes, which leads to additional waste.

Flushable or not, the mass usage of toilet paper and wipes puts tremendous strain on municipal sewers and septic systems – let’s reduce the strain on this important infrastructure while also reducing the strain on your important infrastructure.

Finally, a clean butt is a happy butt, and a happy butt is a necessary condition for you to be your best self.




GhostWipe was developed to create a better bathroom experience and save the world one wipe at a time!


I’m 38 years old, and I’ve been struggling with excessive wiping since my early 20s. I felt like I was constantly wiping and using ridiculous amounts of toilet paper. GhostWipe has significantly reduced my wiping and toilet paper usage. I feel so much better about my bathroom trips and the impact that I’m having on the environment.

I was a little skeptical when I first saw this product but it really works!  I am wiping less and using way less toilet paper.  Also, there is nothing better than that feeling after a GhostWipe!